We’ve all seen the amazing “work from home” opportunities stapled to telephone poles. Many of these opportunities seem too good to be true. We looked at all the possibilities and came up with 19 other ways to make dollars. Most of them are based on your strengths.

1. Freelance writer If you like to write and have knowledge about a particular field (for instance – medical, finance or technology), then freelancing in your evenings could be a lucrative way to earn extra cash. There are many websites like Elance (elance.com), Writerfind(writerfind.com), and Freelancer (freelancer).www.freelancer.com.au) match writers with global markets.

2. Web design:Web designers, like freelance writers can also bid on jobs on many websites that match solo operators with clients. You can list your services again with Elance (elance.com), and you may also consider other job services like E-Web Design.

3. Catering:Consider offering your skills to neighbours, friends, and family who are in search of a chef for their next event. That’s how Martha Stewart started!

4. Home salonIt takes training to become a beauty therapist. However, it can be expensive to open a salon with full-service services. It is possible to start small and focus only on waxing. It’s an easy skill to learn, the products are cheap and profit margins high.

5. Teach a course: You don’t have to be a professor to teach. Maybe you’re good at building balcony gardens, making Morroccan food, playing the harmonica, or photography. A lot of people are interested in weekly classes that will enrich their lives. Register your services at your local community center or college.

6. Teach a language: You don’t necessarily need to know a second-language, some people will pay to practice English with you.

7. Mentor kids:Your services can be used to assist children after school with homework.

8. Errands: If you’re working part-time hours and have time during the regular business day, consider offering your services as a personal assistant. You could help with drycleaning or grocery shopping.

9. House-watch: Many people need someone to water the plants and garden while they’re away on vacation. You might also consider offering to visit the house regularly, turning on the lights, staying an hour per week, picking mail up, and generally keeping an eye on things.

10. Cleaning:Clean your office at night or your home during the day.

11. Ironing:For busy professionals, offer to pick up and deliver ironing.

12. Online businessStart your online business via eBay or your website.

13. Technical assistance:Many seniors need assistance with setting up basic computer services like Skype and wireless Internet. Your assistance could include coming to their home to assist them in getting started.

14. Research: If you’re keen on genealogy, you could help clients learn about their family history.

15. Local marketYou can make homemade jams and jellies with lemon extract, olive oils and other delicious treats at home. These can then be sold at the local weekend market.

16. Folkart: If you’re crafty, then consider offering your unique art at local markets.

17. Babysit:You might consider offering your services as a shift worker if you are unable to work during the day.

18. Petsitter:Many people are looking for someone to walk their dog in the morning and, depending on their availability, their pet company at night.

19. Market research:Market research is for those who love to take surveys. Market researchers typically earn $30-$250 per hour, depending on the organization or client. It is not often, but it can be rewarding.