Location:Adelaide, SA
The Loan Arranger Adelaide is a great success story thanks to its team and solid business principles. Steve Marshall, Director, explains the advantages of running an independent organization
What’s the secret to building a successful brokerage?
A good team with business principles is the key to building a successful brokerage.
What are the benefits of an independent brokerage?
As an independent brokerage, we are able to establish a brand unique to our company.
How do you think independent brokerages can continue to thrive in today’s market?
Independent brokerages will thrive in the future if they can attract new people. This could mean changing business strategies.
What advice would your broker clients who want to start an independent brokerage offer?
Any broker who wanted to open their own brokerage in the future would have to work through an aggregator.
What’s your strategy for generating new business?
The traditional referral method and your existing client base are still the best ways to generate new business. Recurrent clients who recognize the quality of our services are a source of large business.
What is the most important thing brokers can do to grow their businesses?
Today’s broker must be fully equipped with knowledge that covers accounting, financial planning, property development, self-managed super and more. The best broker will be sought after for their advice.
What trends have your noticed in 2018? Did you have to adapt your business strategy to the changing market conditions?
Our business has enjoyed steady, good growth without any part the market having an impact on us. We will continue to write the exact same volume of business, regardless of whether there has been a slowdown in the investment market or quiet first home buyers.
What are your goals for the coming year?
We will continue to strive for excellence in service and be loyal customers.
Are you looking for other ways to diversify your business beyond mortgages? What are your thoughts on how to incorporate this in your business?
We haven’t diversified beyond mortgages. The location of your efforts will depend on your income and your size. I believe in staying true to my core business.
What is your client split, first-time buyers or investors or refinancers?
We can advise on all areas of finance without knowing the origins of our business. You will never be able to focus if you narrow your focus. Learn as much as you can about lending and other aspects. Then people will look for you.
Information for Companies
Year Established 1996
Founders Steve & Angela Marshall
Head Office Level 1/185 Wakefield Street Adelaide SA 5000
Mortgage Business recently rated us in the Top 25 Companies Nationally.
MPA Top 100 Brokers  2010 – two were ranked 11 & 37
MPA Top 100 Brokers  2009 – two were ranked 10 & 38
MPA Top 100 Brokers  2008 – three were ranked 20, 41 & 88
MPA Top 100 Brokers  2007 – two were ranked 43 and 45
MPA Top 100 Brokers  2006 – five of our Consultants were ranked in Top 100
MPA Top 50 deal makers 2007 – two brokers ranked 11, 25
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Website http://www.loanarranger.com.au
Email to Company admin@loanarranger.com.au
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