Although you may have paid a high price for your iPhone/Android, there are still great value in your phone by downloading money-managing apps. YMM shows you how.
So for those who haven’t converted to a smartphone, an app is a software application you can download and use on your smartphone. It’s designed to perform something brilliant in a short time, such as convert currency or bring you breaking news. There are apps available for Android, Blackberry, and Apple.
Apps come in a variety of prices, but you can still find many useful apps for free, such as these:
Expenses Light:Smartphones are no excuse not to stick to your budget. ExpensesLite allows you to track your monthly expenses by recording your spending each day. 
Currency+:This app converts currency real-time. In 150 currencies, it gives you a realistic picture of how much you’re really paying for that souvenir by accounting for taxes and transaction fees.
ASX: For those who love the stock market, an ASX App can help you keep track 20 listed stocks. This app includes delayed share prices, real time alerts, and company announcements.
Apps for banks:Many banks offer their customers an app for free that allows them to check their account balances or make transactions. This is a great option that can be done at home, from their desk or in branch.
Easy Loan calculator: This app will calculate the monthly payments based on your loan term, interest rates, and amount borrowed. It is a very useful app in an uncertain interest rate environment.
CCH Income Tax Rates Calculator Light: this app estimates how much income tax you’re obliged to pay at the end of the financial year.
Calculator for Stamp Duty and Conveyancing Fees I’ll admit, the name of this app doesn’t exactly blow your socks off, but this app would be valuable for house-hunters and property investors. All you need to do is enter the value of the property you’re considering and identify whether or not you’re a first home-owner, and you can find out how much stamp duty you’d be liable for. This app provides accurate figures regardless of which state you’re in.
Of course, there’ll be a time in your life where you will come across a fantastic-looking premium app. Truevoo allows you to test it for free. Sign up to download the app and leave a review. Truevoo will grant you the app if the review appears in iTunes.
Alternatively, it’s worth checking out the ‘Lite’ version of the premium app you want; ‘lite’ versions are free and allow you to play with some of the features of the premium app.