First, you need to look for a loan. There are several ways to go about this process – each with its own benefits and drawbacks – but the important thing is that you pick the one that suits your market understanding, comfort level, and financial capability.

When you are looking for the perfect loan for your home, there are two options. The first is to go to a banking institution. The second is to use a broker. You can shop around for deals if you have sufficient industry knowledge.

Which of these options would you choose? Let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Is it necessary to visit a bank in order to obtain a mortgage?


If your credit is excellent and you are in good financial standing, a bank will approve you to get a home loan. You are more likely to get a great rate from banks.

Your bank might have been a trusted partner over the years and you may be happy with the service they provide. Trust and satisfaction are crucial, especially when it comes to major financial investments like purchasing a house.

If you choose to go this route, your bank will assign a home loan officer or lending specialist to help you. These specialists have extensive knowledge of the bank’s products and policies and can match you with the mortgage that fits your needs. They can also give you access to a range of package deals on your bank’s other services, including credit cards and savings accounts.

If you take out a mortgage, it is possible to set up automatic payments from your bank account to pay your home loan.


Each bank offers a different home loan product and can only offer products within their range. This could mean you have fewer options and may miss out on better deals.

The chances of being approved by a bank for a home loan are significantly reduced if you have exceptional circumstances like being self-employed and having poor credit. Specialist lenders are more useful in these situations. These lenders can assist risky borrowers with their mortgages.  

What do I need to do if I’d like to work with a broker on a mortgage?


Experts in mortgage brokers can help homebuyers find the right loan for them. Brokers have access to many mortgage products, which allows you to compare interest rates from both banks and non-bank lenders. Brokers are able offer you more options that banks, which can help you get the best deal.

Brokers will help you navigate the process of getting a mortgage and will also review your mortgage monthly to ensure that rates are fair. This is not something banks are required by law to do.

In addition, a broker’s services are practically free. Although brokers don’t charge fees, they do earn a commission if you sign up to a loan.


Lenders often pay a commission to brokers, as mentioned previously. This can lead to conflicts of interests as some home loans pay higher commissions than other.

Brokers can also have different experience levels and qualifications. Due to the sheer number of brokers, it can be hard to find the right broker.

It is important to do your research before you make a decision about a broker. These are questions brokers can ask to gain a better understanding about their skills and qualifications.

  • Are you an Australian Securities and Investments Commission licensed licensee?
  • What is your industry experience?
  • What do you have in common with lenders?
  • Why were these lenders attractive to you?
  • What are your fees/commissions for?
  • What are the types of loans available?
  • How can I find the perfect home loan for my needs?
  • How can you compare interest rate?
  • Are there any clients you could recommend?

Are you looking for a loan to buy a home?

If you are familiar with the industry, it may be better to shop around yourself for the best deal. This will save you time and effort that would otherwise have been spent dealing with intermediaries.

You can start your search online. You will find a variety of financial comparison websites and home loan websites, which provide information on different loan products and their features.

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