Bathroom renovations can be one of the best ways to increase your property’s value. So exactly what can you do to ensure you’re adding maximum bang for your buck?
There’s good reason why renovating them brings such high returns, explains home renovations expert Ana Stankovich from
“It’s because they appeal to the taste of the woman,” she says. “Let’s face it – even when it’s a man purchasing a home, they usually have a girlfriend, sister, wife, friend or mum giving them advice along the way!”
If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, Stankovich has some top advice gleaned from her many years spent ripping out sinks and choosing tiles.
Whether it’s a basic cosmetic refurb or a complete overhaul for your own home or a rental property, here are her handy tips to help you with your bathroom renovations:
  • Follow the proven performers
  • “Tiling floors in a darker tile and having white tiles on the walls always looks great,” she says. “Add a vertical strip of decorative tiles in the shower and voila, it will change the look and the feel of the bathroom already.”
  • You must ensure that you have all the plumbing in place
  • If you’re completely ripping everything in the bathroom to replace with new, try and keep your plumbing in the same place. You can save thousands of dollars by keeping your bathroom’s toilet, vanity, and shower in the same location.
  • Use your frame
  • Once everything is ripped out, “add a few extra noggins to your frame”, Stankovich suggests. “It’s very frustrating if you want to add towel rails and hooks and you can’t screw them in, because there is nothing behind the plaster for them to adhere to.”
  • Give your bath a makeover
  • Stankovich says it is simple to make a bathroom look new. “You may not even need to replace it ­– you could just resurface it for a fresh new look,” she says.
  • How to Repair It Right
  • If the bathroom has suffered water damage, it may be necessary to waterproof the walls.
  • Create “wow” factor
  • Stankovich suggests that you increase the size of your shower to make your bathroom more glamorous. “Everyone loves a double sized shower and for the sake of spending an extra $1-$2,000, it will leave a lasting impression with the people that inspect your property and give them something to remember,” she points out.
  • Keep it simple
  • If your bathroom is in great condition, the shower and bath are good. However, the bathroom may look dated. You can easily replace the vanity with a more modern model and add a large square showerhead. “For a very small budget, this can really add style to your bathroom and make it look modern and like new,” she says.