While most first-home purchases take time, it’s rewarding to imagine that your property could act as a financial pillar of support in the next stage of life.
Tom Clark created EquiKey to provide a platform for working professionals to get on the property ladder, and for wealthy individuals to have access to it.
Since being offered a place in Slingshot’s government-backed accelerator program, EquiKey has remained focused on bridging the nation’s estimated $1 trillion retirement savings gap. The Property Buyer and Investor Expo, which is coming up in October, will show how they do it and how homeowners can benefit.
No stone will be left un-turned as all facets of buying and investing in Australia’s property market will be on offer to attendees of the expo; including expert advice in paving the mortgage route, managing rentals, making profits as a developer, organising your tax, gaining an income through commercial property, and much more.
“Expos such as this are important to see what’s out there and provide a great opportunity to engage with companies and customers alike. Aficionados of the start-up “ecosystem” often say you learn the most when you get out of the building. I think the same principle is true here, notwithstanding the expo is indoors,” shares Clark, director of EquiKey, which will be joining a spectrum of industry-acclaimed exhibitors at Sydney Showground, Hall 5.
By spreading the value that EquiKey provides to investors, and home-owners over the age of 55, Clark hopes to “debunk some of the myths out there”.
“Namely, for homeowners that are in or approaching retirement, that a reverse mortgage or home equity loan is not the only, nor best, way to unlock the wealth tied up in your home, and for investors; you don’t have to overleverage yourselves or withstand negative gearing just to reap the benefits of owning direct equity in property. There is another way,” Clark explains.
“EquiKey offers a debt-free alternative to a reverse mortgage by allowing homeowners over the age of 55 to sell a percentage of their equity to an investor. In doing so, homeowners can realise the cash value of this equity today, whilst having peace of mind and certainty around what they’re leaving to their estate.”
Homeowners can then utilise this capital to tend to any debts, renovate, or it can act as extra weekly cash, which Clark says “can make a huge difference in terms of quality of life and peace of mind”.
In addition to a diverse pool of exhibitors, the Property Buyer and Investor Expo will welcome to the stage a line-up of key industry speakers, such as CEO and founder of Propertybuyer Rich Harvery, and Mitch Edwards and Mark McKie who are current contestants and renovators on Channel Nine’s The Block.
Investors and buyers have the opportunity to interact with experts through interactive masterclasses, which allow them to share personal goals.
Your Mortgage is proud to be a media partner of The Property Buyers and Investor Expo. From October 26-27, The Property Buyer and Investor Exposition is being held at Sydney Showground Hall 5,